Battery Storage

Deluxe supply and install a large range of battery storage systems for residential and commercial applications.

We are proudly aligned with market leading brands including Tesla, LG Chem, Redback, Sonnen, Ecoult and more. 

Deluxe install a range of battery storage systems including hybrid (DC coupled) and AC Coupled retrofitable systems.

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What are the benefits of Battery Storage Systems?

  • Maximise and control your power from your solar panel system. Instead of selling or crediting the extra energy, store your excess power for the days of little sunshine or bad weather
  • Reliable and resilient source of energy. With the battery storage system, it can provide backup power during disruption and power outages, ensuring uninterrupted flow of energy. It is particularly beneficial in areas where the local grid power is unstable.
  • Environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Cuts cost on your electricity bills and saves money.