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What are Wall Mounted Split Systems?

A split system air conditioner, also referred to as a ‘wall split’, can cool down or warm up a single room in a house or office using a refrigerating form of air conditioning. The split system is consisted of two key components – an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit has the evaporator component whereas the outdoor unit has the compressor.

The inside unit is what people are usually more familiar with, as it what you see and interact with inside. Usually, it is mounted on the wall and spreads the conditioned air uniformly throughout  the room.  A remote is used to control and adjust the temperature, change the systems mode from cool, heat, fan (and fan speed) and others features depending on the manufacturer. The two units are connected through copper pair coil which transfers the refrigerant.

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Low Environmental Impact

The refrigerant is a vital part of you air conditioner. With our leading brand’s products, you have the choice for R32, which requires less energy to run your system, reducing your carbon footprint and helping save money on the power bill.

As your system won’t have to work as hard to hear or cool the air, it will potentially have a longer service life. With less toxicity than other options it is better for humans and the planet in general. Plus, it is easily accessed by air conditioning professionals if ever needed.