Air Conditioning for the 21st Century: Smart Control and Zoning

Add a smart air conditioning controller to your ducted reverse cycle installation and enjoy more convenience, comfort and easier control from a touch screen or the latest apps on your smartphone.

AirTouch Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

Unlock more potential for your new ducted air conditioning when you update the controller to AirTouch.

Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

AirTouch knows how to keep you comfortable, just the way you want!

Make your home smarter by pairing your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner with AirTouch. Control your home’s air conditioning from anywhere using your smart phone and have individualised temperature control in each room for personal comfort.

AirTouch 2 Plus

AirTouch 2 Plus is a great solution for complete control of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit, and 16 individual zones at home.

Featuring a sleep 7 inch touch screen, and remote app control from anywhere, it is it is easy, but smart home air conditioning control.

AirTouch 2+

AirTouch 5

We can install AirTouch 5, the latest generation of AirTouch controllers with a stunning new design and a range of industry first features to help you monitor and save energy air conditioning your home.

With AirTouch 5, clever smarts optimise comfort and energy efficiency by managing temperatures and airflow for each room in your home, and can adjust your air conditioning with the weather.

AirTouch 5

Benefits of Zoning

Something you can do with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is zone it. You split your home into air conditioning ‘zones’ where you can control the airflow and temperature of each room, or just turn the air conditioning off in a room you are not using.

App Control

We all have smart phones, and we all have apps for lots of different tasks and devices. With app control, you can turn on your air conditioning from anywhere at home, or away.

With AirTouch 5 and 2 Plus, you get a gret new app which you can use to turn on the air conditioning when you are heading home on a hot day, adjust the zones, timer mode and more.

Control for multiple ducted ACs

If you are building a double storey house, AirTouch 5 gives you all the control you need in 1 device. You can control an upstairs and downstairs ducted AC unit and all the zones in your home from 1 AirTouch system. But to make things easy, you have the added benefit of being able to upgrade to have 2 touch screen controllers for upstairs and downstairs for example.

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